WhatsApp New Feature Will Now Allow you to Edit and Blur Photos

Both features are in their testing phase and no release date is planned.

The novelties for WhatsApp continue for 2022, and it is that the most popular messaging application on the planet works to incorporate new functions to its platform, in this case, they are the options to edit and also blur photographs.

These functions are already known from Telegram and Signal, but now the Meta application is working to incorporate these tools into its platform. The Beta versions of WhatsApp have revealed the company’s plans, as its developers have been testing these new features to edit photos and blur certain details, such as the face for example.

At the moment, the app owned by Meta allows you to add text and certain color strokes to the images that are shared through chats. In addition, it is possible to attach a sticker, emoji, and even another image on top, but these have their limitations, something that the developers would be trying to eliminate for all users.

Edit and blur photos in WhatsApp

For 2022, the company plans to implement different functions to the messaging application, but among the most interesting, those used to edit and blur photos stand out.

As reported by the specialized WaBetaInfo website, the first of the novelties shown in the Beta version is a series of new brushes. Now not only can you choose from a wide range of colors, but the app also intends to display different brushes to change between a thicker and thinner line.

The medium explains that these drawing tools will be at the bottom of the screen, or at least that is how it is shown in the screenshot published by WaBetaInfo. They have also said that there is no expected release date for all users of both Android and iOS.

As for the blurring option, WhatsApp will allow you to blur faces and other details in photos, a feature that first came out in Signal in 2020. This tool may first arrive in a future Android Beta update. .


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