How to see the list of deleted apps on Android using tools

Sometimes we uninstall applications from our mobile , either because we don’t need them at the moment, they are causing problems or they take up space that is needed for other things, perhaps it is done by mistake and sometimes we have to repair the phone and there is nothing left but to delete all information including Applications; It may not be about removing pre-installed or factory applications , the truth is that if you later want to use them again.

How to see the list of deleted apps on Android

If this is your case and you want to reinstall the applications , without the need to perform a search one by one again, here we show you the solution, because we know that sometimes we do not have time to search and reinstall, with simple steps you will arrive to have your mobile as it was before the possible mistake that could have been made to end up in this situation.

Where to see the applications that you have uninstalled from the ‘Play Store’ of your Android

To know where to see the applications, all you have to do is make sure you are registered with your Gmail account, because we do not know if the uninstallation was voluntary or if it was caused by an Android system error , which can happen to everyone, in any case you must be already with the mobile in normal conditions of downloading.


Now, you must access the Play Store, it will have a record of your activity on the mobile; It is not a self-filling search record, what we are looking for is to access the menu that is in the upper left and from here we click on where it says My apps and games from here you go to the Installed section , here a list of all will appear previously installed applications, it does not matter if they were deleted, and proceed to reinstall again.

What should you do to recover an application that you have deleted on your mobile

In the event that it is not possible to find the deleted applications, we can resort to an external application that helps us with this issue , for these cases they are very useful because files and data stored in the memory of our phone can be recovered, since it was designed With this purpose of help, in an emergency, Phonerescue can be the savior we need to solve this inconvenience, here we will explain what it is about.

Recovering applications with ‘Phonerescue’

First you have to know how it all started, this application was created to retrieve information from Apple systems only, although recently we can find it available for applications from the Android Play Store ; This program is not installed on a device but rather is used from a computer with Windows or macOS operating systems. It works by connecting the mobile device to the computer.


In this program, after connecting the device, it gives us options of what we want to recover, if we want to recover data from a mobile device or normal file data , after choosing our option, a list of 13 things that we can recover appears, including photos, videos, records, bookmarks, contacts and more. The operation of this program has a simple interface and it should be noted that it is not necessary for the device to be in root mode, since the program works fine without this Android permission.

How to hide an app you removed from the ‘Removed Apps’ list

To hide the applications that were removed from our mobile , but they remain in a list and we no longer want them to be seen, it is possible through a short procedure and it is very easy to achieve it, it comes from the Play Store settings. We must always take into account that when doing this, what we remove will not be recovered in the list, only if we install it again in a traditional way it will appear in the list again.

From the ‘Play Store’ or ‘Backup Apps’ settings

This depends on the operating system that the mobile has. Since some do not have these options, this in some cases can be done from the personalization of the mobile, but it is done from the mobile configuration and not from the Play Store, for this we go to Settings> Privacy> Private space, from here we can hide an application, following the steps.

The applications when they are in the backup are uploaded to the cloud, so that we can always access them as soon as we need, now good to delete them we just have to access our backup and from here configure everything we need.

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