How to pause and continue your downloads on your Android {Update 2022}

This is a great advance, because although it may not seem like it, it is something very necessary on occasions where a file is being downloaded and the download has to be interrupted or paused ; whatever the reason, the bottom line is that downloads can be resumed and not go back to the beginning again, which is a waste of time; And then, where is what was already downloaded? There shouldn’t be that limbo that loads temporary files, and in the long run it doesn’t bring benefits.


In this article we will investigate, how it is possible to make a download pause and resume without problems, this should also be understood that it is not just a configuration but rather an update that was made from Android, making download accelerator managers to be much more useful but not essential.


What is the process you need to go through to pause and resume your downloads on Android?

Well, we must clarify that this option becomes a somewhat complicated issue, why? Because it is in beta mode, which means that it is not ready yet and has some bugs, this option is available in some of the latest versions of Android software and you have to update to the latest version of Google Chrome. Note that there are two options to pause and resume downloads.

From a popup window that takes care of everything

The first is at the time of downloading is to open a pop-up window for it, so you can see the download and as it is alone in a window there is the possibility of a quick download although this option does not give many solutions for use, it can be resumed in a normal way without having to intercede , although sometimes it causes errors and the download is lost, that’s why it is in beta, but it can work normally

directly from the link

From the download link we can execute the download of the file from the same browser and let it take care of this alone, to resume the download; in case it is paused and to be able to activate it again; something must be taken into account, and it is not recommended to intercede because this can give us the error.

That is, if we start it and then let it pause by itself because we move away from the internet source or the phone is turned off, for example, this will pause it automatically, in this way it is more likely that the same system will resume it, which if we intervene in the pause.


As this new feature is in beta, we must discern how to help the process while the bugs are solved. The positive thing about this is that they are already on their way to giving us the solution to this issue because it already started when they had the beta version.


Why can’t you pause or continue your downloads successfully?

At this time, there is no precise control of this type of download, because the most important details regarding these matters have not yet been polished. Its correct operation has to cover what would be the generalities of these download systems, a loss in data frequency or that the server itself does not have the correct parameters to perform the download.


One thing is that this influences how the device receives the information, if this is not corrected the connection will be poor, in the sense that the application itself is the one that cannot specify the algorithms and generates errors. It is recommended to change the download location to a different specific path, as this makes the process cleaner.


Internet with low network coverage

The loss of data frequency or interruption of the internet, either due to low coverage , makes it more difficult to download , in this case, as it is in beta phase, it can affect a lot because when an application is in this stage so that it works correctly everything must be ready, both the application and the external factor to it in this case the coverage plays a very important role, since if it were good enough the error could be avoided

wrong download

Sometimes it is not the fault of the internet connection, nor of the Google Chrome application and its operation, even if it is not complete and has some function failures, if the file that we are going to download from the server is not complete or was not uploaded. on the download platform as it should be, it may give us this error, it is best to look for another option or wait for the platform to correct this and try again later


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