How to know if my Android phone has been cloned – Quick Solution

As far as phones are concerned, there are many things that we have seen regarding the vulnerability of their security, from programs that hack the applications of other cell phones; with the purpose of spying on their conversations, even cloning the entire phone itself. This is what this article is about how to know if your phone has been cloned and how to avoid this problem. Although this is not an easy thing to do, it is possible that they achieve it, let’s see.

A cloned phone is when the structure of the operating system of this phone is being copied and mirrored on another phone. Which means that all the information that enters and leaves the compromised phone will also be captured by the other phone; calls, chats, downloads, passwords, everything. There are methods to know if the phone has been hacked , this is a serious security problem because all the content of that phone is not safe.

What are the signs that your cell phone is cloned?

There are signs that we can use to check if this is happening or not, and that is that a blocked cell phone does not behave the same in some aspects. In the case of Android we have a possibility, but it depends on the phone, because if it is very old, it will be more complicated than with the most recent ones, for this we have Find My Phone, which is a map , which if using that, or two different signal pins are presented we can take it for granted.


As for how this is done, there are three aspects that are the beginning of all AMPS, GSM and CDMA. To achieve this is not easy, another way is to see inconsistencies in your bills, calls made, unknown numbers that make contact, either by messages or calls; verifying the IMEI is important, and knowing what this code is we can enter the phone, in case we do not have access to it physically, the code is * # 06 # , with this we can do a test that will indicate the state of the phone . This will clear up a lot of doubts.

What is the code you must dial to know if your phone is tapped?

In the case of suspecting that your phone is tapped or tapped , we can easily find out by entering a code that we have available to know if we are being listened to in our conversations. * # 21 #, this code will give us a warning over the phone if we are being heard by others, we must also take into account other factors, such as whether it takes a long time to turn off or turn on.

It could also be that it gets very hot, this is a sign of an additional interaction with another source , if the data is consumed very quickly without making much use of it. Another way to know if you are being tapped is with call forwarding, let’s see how this works.

Deactivate call forwarding

This is one of the ways we have to check if we are being spied on, is that if the divert call option is activated. When a call comes in from a particular number, the phone diverts it and it falls on the other phone, then , for configuration reasons, the call falls back on us, so it can be heard by another person.

This happens because the telephone operator has a number that is the one that places the recording when we do not have a charge on the mobile, for example. This is the vulnerable part of the system, it is at this moment that the puncture occurs . To know what is happening we can enter the code * # 62 #, with this code we can determine if the call forwarding has been activated. We can also get applications in the Play Store that help us with this


What should you do to prevent them from cloning your phone?

As for the prevention of this fact and taking care that something similar happens to us, we can be prevented, and it is better to prevent than then run away to solve the problem.

Among the things we can do is buy the first-line phone , that is, new from a reliable site, discard offers of used phones, even if they come from someone we know, in fact this is where the greatest risk of attack may exist, We can also use applications that help us to be safe from this, such as having an antivirus.

Install antivirus on your phone

By installing an antivirus, we acquire an application that ensures that everything is working as it should be, this allows us to improve the security and privacy of the mobile . It is that the antivirus, being active, keeps track of everything because this is its main purpose, and if something out of the ordinary were to happen, external or internal, it would notify us in time that something is happening , in addition to stopping this that is not normal. For this reason it is a good method to prevent what happens.

How to format your cloned cell phone to solve the problems?

In case this is already a reality and you cannot find a way to solve the matter, there is the possibility of keeping the phone. We can format the phone and leave it as if it were factory, but there is a possibility that if you do not take the necessary measures, this will happen again , because what is necessary to make a clone is not deleted in a format, such as the IMEI, and the method of entering lines such as GSM.

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