How to increase the speed on my Android and space in RAM {Update 2022}

The technical specifications of cell phones are becoming more advanced, to the point of being small pocket computers. Thus, the larger the RAM, the faster the device interface will be. Learn how to increase the speed of your Android by freeing up RAM memory and optimize your mobile.

Although you cannot insert more memory with cards as you would on a PC, there are other methods to better manage your phone’s RAM and gain better performance . Discover more about the RAM of mobile devices and know all the tricks to optimize it, accelerating the performance of your mobile.


How much RAM do you really need on your Android to perform your tasks?

The technical details of mobile terminals have become an important factor that predetermines their performance. Although in principle Android cell phones did not exceed 512 MB of RAM, there are currently terminals with up to 16 GB. Is so much RAM memory really necessary? It all depends on the use you give it .

RAM is responsible for processing active applications in the foreground and background . Cell phones with more GB of RAM can keep several applications active at the same time without losing information, while those with less GB tend to lose performance. You can check the RAM of your cell phone along with the technical characteristics of the device


Depending on the range of your device, you can fluctuate between 1 GB and 8 GB, and even go up to 12 GB. However, the capacity required by your cell phone is subject to the tasks you perform there . If you use several heavy applications, such as games, you will need a lot of RAM. The amount is a bit less if you use common apps.

Everyday applications, such as WhatsApp, Chrome, Instagram, YouTube or Spotify, use less than 1 GB of RAM. Therefore, about 2 GB of RAM would be enough for smooth and stable performance.

Now, if you use social apps frequently, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat, you will need to have 4 GB of RAM to manage all the processes of these apps without any lag or slowness when using them.

Finally, users who use their cell phone as a game console and download applications such as PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, NSF Limits and other similar ones, need 8 GB of RAM to run several processes at the same time without affecting the performance of their games. .

It should be noted that the applications are changing and the RAM requirement of each one grows . Therefore, if your terminal barely meets the minimum capacity to perform your tasks, you should change it for a device with more RAM. Otherwise, you will have to practice some tricks to improve the speed of your cell phone .

How can you improve the speed of an Android and free up RAM?

Even if you don’t have a phone with huge RAM capacity, you can increase its speed through better resource management . The Android system automatically manages the use of RAM by applications; however, its management is not always the most effective and requires better optimization.

RAM acts like any other type of memory, so it can become temporarily full if too many applications are used at the same time. Likewise, when it becomes saturated with processes and has little capacity, it causes the speed of the device to decrease significantly. At such times, it is necessary to free up space for it to operate with more stability .

Manually, you can adjust some parameters to free up space in RAM memory and thus redirect its resources to other processes or applications. Know three ways to improve the performance of your RAM memory and optimize your mobile to the maximum.

Expand your RAM memory with an SD card

On computers, removable memory can be configured as part of the PC’s RAM. On rooted Android phones, this trick can also be used with micro SD cards. However, you need to install the ‘ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)’ application . Try to use this method with high quality SD memories to avoid problems.


Freeing memory space manually

Android has always been characterized by its ability to customize. You can not only change aesthetic aspects, you can also stop applications that consume a lot of RAM memory . You can do it from the ‘Applications’ section within the ‘Settings’. Open the ‘Running’ tab and force close the ones you don’t need .

Configure automatic start of applications

Some apps may continue to consume RAM in the background even if you haven’t opened them. These automatic processes run on their own and must be manually restricted to change their settings. From the ‘Applications’ list you can access the ‘Restrict background’ tab and modify the permissions to run in the background to free up more RAM.

What to do if the speed of your Android remains the same?

In some cases, the tricks are not enough to speed up the performance of your terminal. This may be because your phone does not have enough capacity for current applications . Unfortunately, not much can be done if your device only has a capacity of 1 GB or less, so you might want to consider upgrading to a more advanced terminal.

Another alternative is to disable those applications that you do not use . By freeing up storage space, some cell phones operate with better performance and RAM memory offers a more fluid management of processes. Likewise, you can avoid keeping applications open in the background, especially those that consume the most memory.


In the same way, you can download a memory management app . Some apps run an analysis of your RAM usage and free up space automatically, improving the speed of your device. They also include widgets that you can place on your home screen and launch with a single tap at any time.

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