Best apps to recover deleted photos and videos on Android phones {Update 2022}

Best apps to recover deleted photos and videos on Android phones:Smartphones have replaced digital cameras for most fans. Now it’s easy and convenient to take high-quality photos and have them within a touch’s reach at almost any time. However, space is limited and requires frequent cleanups where you might accidentally delete something. How do recover deleted photos and videos on Android phones?

Fortunately, there are several methods to recover deleted media content in simple steps and almost automatically. Find out which popular apps you should download to restore deleted photos and videos, learn how to use them correctly and ensure the permanence of your files stored on the phone.

How to recover deleted pictures on a phone from a PC?

Using your phone as a camera has many benefits, but in the rush to free up storage space, accidents can happen and the wrong photos get deleted. These are common occurrences that can be reversed with data recovery programs. All you have to do is connect your cell phone to the PC and activate this function.

Today’s mobile operating systems are so advanced that they can interface with desktop systems to make complex data restoration operations and processes easy for users. You can even recover deleted apps on your iOS or Android device very easily.

To use this recovery media, there are two main methods . One of them requires your device to be configured precisely; while the other is completely driven by Windows software. Get to know both processes and choose the one you prefer when restoring deleted images on your phone.

Using root

The Android system serves as the basis for most cell phone manufacturers; however, each has its own layer of customization and user restrictions. The best way to override system security and have full control of your phone is by becoming root . Thus, when you connect the phone to the computer, you will be able to access the entire set of hidden files from the explorer.

With Tenorshare 4DDiG – Windows Data Recovery

One of the best tools to recover data from a computer is Tenorshare 4DDiG. Although it is a desktop application, it works with mobile devices connected to the computer. It performs a deep memory scan and is capable of extracting most of the lost data. You can get Tenorshare 44DDiG software from its official website.

Best apps to recover deleted photos and videos on Android phones

In case you don’t have access to a computer to perform data recovery, there are some pretty effective apps that you can install on your Android device. In this way, you can browse the deleted photos and restore them from your cell phone conveniently. In addition, they are free, so they represent an attractive alternative.

You can find each of these apps on the Google Play store . However, these offer a mixed performance; while some are at the level of desktop tools, others are more basic and ineffective. Therefore, you must know how to select the best apps to recover deleted files on Android .


The difference in performance is found in the recovery mechanism that each application has; some are superficial and use hidden resources of the same system, while others do an exhaustive excavation in the internal storage of the phone. Meet two of the most powerful applications to recover photos.


Just as the trash can contains rubbish that is deleted after a period of time, the Dumpster app saves all deleted files for a limited time. Therefore, if you want to restore any, you can enter the application and recover it easily. Basically, it works like the Windows Recycle Bin, so its interface is comfortable. Of course, it only works with photos deleted after installing this app.


If you have a rooted device, this totally free application is the ideal option for you. It deeply scans your entire phone and is capable of extracting all recently deleted files . You just install it, run a quick or deep scan, browse the results and select those photos you want to recover to your device.

How to restore photos or videos from Google Photos or Drive?

Apart from file recovery apps and programs, there is a simple but efficient alternative to restore photos and videos on Android systems. This is Google Photos, the gallery tool provided by Google that has connectivity with its cloud storage service , Google Drive.

This application makes a backup copy of the folders with photos and videos that it detects on your cell phone, allowing you to delete them from your local storage without losing them. At any time, you can download them again from the same graphical interface. Even if you delete a photo from its backup, you can recover it from the app’s trash.

Its interface is organized by date; although you can also search by location, image type and other filters. Thus, you only need to enter Google Photos, find the file you want to restore and press the ‘Download’ option . In this way, you can return items from the Google Drive cloud to the internal memory of the cell phone.


Now, if you have deleted the photo from the Google Photos storage and gallery, you can display the application menu and access the ‘Trash’. In that section, all the photos and videos that you have deleted during the last 30 days are saved , so you will have a good chance of finding what you are looking for if it was recently deleted.

Thanks to the Google Drive storage service, you can enjoy these features and many others, such as keeping a backup for WhatsApp , documents, folders and all kinds of data. Keep both Google apps up to date to get these amazing features and make sure you never lose your photos and videos on Android devices again.

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